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Not your typical Halloween horror, Podcast! Unapologetic and in-your-face deranged host Willie May, giving you the word in the streets of the news, insider 411, and happenings on Halloween, horror, and haunted house culture and industry insight with his team of misfits. Join Willie, Scaredy Cat Cat,  and Jarrord, as they dish up a concoction of creepy on 'Yup, That's Scary!'


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Willie May, a genuine Renaissance Man, has been working in the haunt industry for over 18 years and the theater and film industry for over 25 years. Lover of weird and everything spooky,  Willie has built and run some of the largest and most terrifying haunted attractions in the world. And when he’s not constructing his own monstrosities or consulting — he's conversing with the best creatives of the next creepy collaboration. With his rolodex of spooks, Willie is down to dig deep and uncover what stirs up the fear from well known horror creatives.

Known For:
Blumhouse of Horror, Purge Fear The Night, Rob Zombie Great American Nightmare, GSN Hellevator.

'Fire It Up! Get Em!!!'


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Mother of 6 and Grandmother of 3. Cat loves horror movies, and Halloween is her favorite holiday, but Michael Myers is her Foe! Scaredy Cat Cat loves to run from the boogie man, but watch out; this chick won't fall by tripping and falling to looking back with fright! 


'Let's get scared together - Let's go!!!'


Scaredy Cat Cat 

Scaredy Cat_edited.jpg

Jarrord Isabell 

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An avid outdoorsman and adventure. Born and raised in Tennessee with the crazy rednecks and the wannabe cowboys. He has a love for anything Halloween and horror while specializing in outdoor haunted attractions. He enjoys a stiff drink every now and then and maybe a little too much at times.​


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